Customization and management of DirectShow Filters

Customize AV Splitter to connect the desired filter can be in three different ways.
1. Media type on tab Output. (For audio does not work)
2. Loading of the selected filter on tab Graph Builder.
3. The forced connection to the filter on tab Connections.
In most cases, these problems can be solved by any of the following methods.

Now in more detail.

After opening the file, splitter forms the weekend pines media type information for the underlying filter, if the space or not loaded cache graph filter, then looks for in the registry, under a preffered Windows Seven is necessary comparisons (subtype -> filter) if in the section preffered not have the necessary records, has the final - by Merit.

On the Output tab and you can just get a splitter to form the desired media type, depending on the type of content. The practice shows that basically requires izminit standard subtype wvc1 to compatible decoders and ArcSoft CyberLink, for h264/AVC on the Output tab often do not have to do anything.

Second in the tools splitter Graph Builder, loads the desired filter graph before the system starts to pick up and load into a graph-compatible filters, ie the likelihood that picked up a filter is registered in the splitter is practically equal to 100%. Connection may not work only if the filter will refuse to grappling because of an incompatible media type or ispolzvanii splitter in a player such as MPC-HC. Built-in Graph Builder is useful if the filter merit MERIT_DO_NOT_USE or not registered in the system.

In conclusion, the forced connection to filter Connections. Connects very safe, if the down stream filter will not mind. In the combo box "Media Subtype" for VC-1 Advanced Profile should prescribe one of the above subtype, and the list of "Filter" to select the desired filter.

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