Create Output Media Type

To make a custom media type such as for connecting CyberLink Video Decoder
In Output tab, click Create.

OutputCustom Media Type

In the Custom Media Types write a profile name. Choose the Input Stream Format. Select Codec. Out Format you can leave the Default. Media Subtype can be found in the program GraphStudio.

In the example, media type for CyberLink Video Decoder will be switched to stream mpeg-ts, codec VC-1, scan type interlaced.

The practice shows that basically requires change standard subtype WVC1 to compatible decoders and ArcSoft CyberLink, for h264/AVC on the Output tab often do not have to do anything.

Standard subtype WVC1  {31435657-0000-0010-8000-00AA00389B71} 
Subtype WVC1 ArcSoft   {629B40AD-AD74-4EF4-A985-F0C8D92E5ECA} 
Subtype WVC1 CyberLink   {D979F77B-DBEA-4BF6-9E6D-1D7E57FBAD53}