The use of forced connection is better illustrated by solving a small problem.
In FilterGraph loaded decoders ffdshow Video Decoder, ArcSoft Video Decoder, MPC - Video decoder, Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder, CyberLink Video Decoder (PDVD11).


All downloaded decoders can be connected H264/AVC, but our task is to decode the test sample AVC.1080.i.NTSC.MBAFF.ORPHEUS_UND_EURYDIKE.m2ts only through CyberLink Video Decoder (PDVD11).

In Connections tab, click Create.

ConnectionsSelect Prefered Filter

In the Select Prefered Filter write a profile name.
Choose the Input Stream Format.
Media Subtype can be found in the program GraphStudio.

Select registered filter.
If you want to check the thread for compatibility with DXVA and interlace.

Next, do render the pin ...

And we see that everything works!